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       How to deal with the rust of peinahai steel watch strap? Here we Beijing peinahai maintenance service center provide you with the following. Wristwatch is a very common commodity in our life. But for many of us, watches are also important. Notice that the steel strap of our wristwatch is particularly easy to rust. Many watch lovers don't know what to do. Today, Beijing peinahai after-sales service center will introduce how to deal with the rust of watch steel chain and how to deal with the rust of watch steel chain!

       1、 How to do with rusty watch chain

       When the wristwatch steel chain rust phenomenon, if the wristwatch is ordinary steel chain, then often with water, do not dry, then rust is very normal. If the chain of the watch is made of stainless steel, the cause should be found. Generally speaking, stainless steel is not so easy to rust. Most of the rust is caused by the nails connecting the watch strap rather than the steel chain. These nails may be unqualified or the material is too poor. At this time, you only need to use a soft toothbrush to remove the rust, and then replace the stainless steel nails.


       2、 How to deal with rusty watch chain

       As for the watch chain corrosion treatment, many people's treatment methods are not the same, the following is to introduce several treatment methods.

       1. Soak the rusty part of the steel strap in 15% acetic acid solution and scrub it after soaking for 1 hour;

       2. Can buy antirust agent, easy to use, just spray on the rusty part of the steel strap, and then wipe with paper towel. Buy sandpaper, and then polish the rusty area. If the rusty area is larger and has more rust, you can first polish it with thicker sandpaper, then polish it with finer sandpaper, and then polish it. I hope what I said can help watch lovers!

       3. Add lemon juice into salt water and wipe the rusty part of iron chain with cloth to remove rust quickly;

       How to deal with the rust of peinahai steel watch strap? The above is the whole content of how to deal with the rust of peinahai watch steel chain and how to deal with the rust of watch steel chain. I hope the above answers can bring some help to you. If you have any questions about the repair or maintenance of peinahai watch, please feel free to consult our online customer service of Beijing peinahai after-sales service center, and there will be professional personnel to answer them for you.

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