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What's wrong with peinahai's watch

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       What's wrong with peinahai's watch when the clock doesn't go? Beijing peinahai after-sales service center will answer for you. It's not very common for peinahai's watch when the clock doesn't go. However, there will also be some cases. This kind of time is usually due to the lack of power of the watch or the malfunction of the movement of the watch. Now let's let Beijing peinahai after-sales service center tell you about peinahai Nahai watch clock does not go how to return a responsibility!

       1. If the mechanical watch is not maintained for a long time due to gear train fault, the oil in the watch may dry up, which will increase the wear difference between gears and seriously affect the travel time accuracy of the watch. Especially when a large amount of dust accumulates, the watch may stop. If the watch is not maintained for a long time, the rubber waterproof ring will be aged. When the waterproof washer of the watch is aged, it is easy to cause the watch to enter water, which will cause the movement to rust and make the watch stop.

What's wrong with peinahai's watch

       2. Lack of power, watches do not go, many times due to lack of power. Whether it is a watch on the chain mechanical watch or automatic mechanical watch is to rely on the spring to provide power. When the watch does not go, we should consider whether the watch is lack of power. The mechanical watch on the watch usually needs to be fully wound every day. It's better to wind it up at the same time every day. For a fully automatic mechanical watch, although there is no need to wind manually, the watch depends on the eccentric rotation to tighten the wind, so as to achieve the purpose of winding. At this time, the wearer's watch is required to have enough swing, and also to wear enough time, generally at least 8 hours a day.

       After wearing for a long time, there will be some wear and tear, which will affect the normal operation of the watch. In order to keep the watch in good working condition and prolong its service life, it is very important to maintain the watch regularly. Generally, the watch should be waterproof tested and cleaned every year, and the whole machine should be maintained every 3-5 years.

       What's wrong with the clock of peinahai watch? The above is the whole content of what's wrong with the clock of peinahai watch. However, it is recommended that you hand over some complicated operations to the professional Beijing peinahai after-sales service center, so as not to cause losses due to improper operation. If you have any need for your peinahai watch, you are welcome to consult our Beijing peinahai after-sales service center. There will be professional technicians to serve you wholeheartedly.


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