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      The appearance of water is a common problem with this watch, especially when you live in a humid area, there is water nearby, or it often rains in this area. Sometimes, because water droplets are not waterproof, they condense when they enter the interior of your Penna sea surface, or sometimes they are more resistant to water than they are rated. When water vapor enters the interior of penahai watch, it usually needs to worry a little, and it will dry up in a few days, only affecting the appearance of apparent water droplets. In this paper, we will discuss the water vapor treatment of Pena sea surface.


      1. But sometimes water droplets inside may indicate a more serious problem with the watch hardware, causing air to flow and condense inside the watch. You can put the Pena watch in a warm place, such as by the fireplace, in the sun, in the light, or under any heat source, so that the water drops slowly evaporate. Although this is effective, it may indicate that penahai maintenance has an open area and you may want the manufacturer to check it. You can also open the top of the penahai watch and follow the steps above to put it in a warm place and let the water droplets evaporate from the watch. The open crown creates an opening in the surface of the Pena sea, so that it becomes a channel for air to flow with water droplets.



      Peinahai maintenance


      2. If it is a detachable watch of this type, you can choose to do so to directly remove the internal fog. Screw off the shell, remove the internal parts, and then place it under a light or heat source that is not wet to completely remove the traces of water droplets. The second is to take off the crown of penahai watch and put it into a container filled with rice or silica gel. About a day later, rice or gelatin will absorb condensed water because they can absorb water effectively. Prevention is the key to avoid all this. Of course, if the problem is serious or the Pena watch is expensive, you can choose to take it to the manufacturer's official dealer to determine whether it needs to be repaired.


      Warm tips: it's our wish to use the watch for a long time. It's good to take good care of it to prolong its life, and it's also an indispensable part of our life. Long term use, but also pay attention to maintenance. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time. If you have any questions, please call the service hotline and send the watch to peinahai service center in time.

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