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       Beijing peinahai after-sales service center provides: since its establishment in Switzerland, peinahai watch has been insisting on making the world's travel time as an accurate watch. With this spirit of work, peinahai watch has produced excellent quality watches. Wearing a peinahai watch for a long time makes the watch contact with the air for a long time. It is inevitable that there will be some problems with the watch. Then, how should the watch be cleaned when it is covered with dust? The following is a detailed explanation by the professional technicians of our Beijing peinahai after-sales maintenance center to clean up the dust on peinahai watch.

       (1) In this case, we need to popularize the common sense of watches. In general, the production process of famous watches is in a vacuum and dust-free environment. The sealing condition of watches is very high, and there is almost no dust phenomenon. There is an inseparable relationship between watch dust and the quality of the watch itself. Nowadays, watches with good waterproof performance have better sealing and dust-proof effect, and watches with poor quality will grow with time, resulting in a small amount of dust entering.


       (2) Under normal circumstances, the watch's sealing is relatively good. What are the reasons for the dust in the watch cover? In addition to the manual removal of the back cover of the watch, there are also reasons for the dust entering of the watch, such as whether the cover is tight, whether there are cracks due to aging or whether there is looseness between the whole watch and the case. Watch sealing performance is not good, in addition to ash, there will be water. The second reason is due to internal wear, so the ash in the surface is not from the outside, but the debris of internal parts wear.

       (3) How to clean the dust on the surface? After the watch is ashed, it will not only affect the watch's time effect, but also affect the watch's timing accuracy. Therefore, if there is dust inside the watch, it should be sent to the professional Beijing peinahai after-sales maintenance center for professional cleaning service, and the waterproof test and travel time accuracy test should be done regularly to ensure the normal operation of peinahai watch.

       If you don't understand this problem or you want to know more about watches, please consult our professional technicians in Beijing peinahai after-sales service center. They will give you a comprehensive answer and sincerely provide you with the best service. We advise you to pay attention to your love in the process of wearing watches Line regular maintenance, because this problem is very important to you, I hope you pay attention to this problem, look forward to your call.

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