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Daily maintenance of peinahai Watch

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       The daily maintenance of peinahai watch, Beijing peinahai after-sales service center warm tips: daily maintenance peinahai in inheriting the traditional craft, also did not give up innovation, at the same time, in innovation, it is also the leader, it not only adhere to the inheritance but also dare to innovate, at the same time in the history of the watch industry left a far-reaching influence. We know that no one can really own peinahai, just keep it for future generations. Here, let's talk about the maintenance of the watch strap of peinahai, as well as the relevant suggestions in daily use. Today, let's ask Beijing peinahai after-sales service center to explain to you!

       Waterproof maintenance

       When choosing a panahai watch, be sure to ask whether the watch is waterproof and what the waterproof grade is. The waterproof scope of some watches is limited to life waterproof, so never wear a watch when swimming or taking a shower. In addition, high temperature, hot water, etc. will make the waterproof gasket of the watch aging deformation or make the watch condensation fog, so must not frequent access to the environment with large temperature difference changes.

       Cleaning and maintenance

       If the watch is exposed to the air for a long time, it will inevitably be invaded by dust, and the increase of dust will lead to the faster drying of the movement surface oil, which is undoubtedly a bad thing for the movement. Therefore, the watch surface should be cleaned in time at ordinary times, and the case and strap should be wiped with dry and soft cloth. If the leather strap is stained with stains, it can be wiped gently with wet cloth repeatedly.

Daily maintenance of peinahai Watch

       Antimagnetic maintenance

       Watch in daily maintenance, the most easy to ignore is the antimagnetic. Life to avoid wearing a panahai watch at home shaving, vacuum cleaner, etc. Long term contact with electrical appliances, audio, magnetic cards and other magnetic things will magnetize the parts of mechanical watches, resulting in inaccurate watch travel time, which needs to be sent to the professional Beijing peinahai after-sales service center for maintenance.

       Winding maintenance

       When you first wear a panahai watch or wear it again after stopping, you should manually wind it up. You'd better wind it up by yourself, about 20-30 turns, so that you can master a degree. After that, when you wind it up again, you can make it up to 9 minutes, so as to avoid too tight to cause the spring to break.

       For the daily maintenance of peinahai watch, because the watch has many small and precise mechanical parts, it can't be handled by itself, so if there is a problem with the watch, it should be sent to the professional Beijing peinahai after-sales service center. Beijing peinahai after sales service center will serve you wholeheartedly


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